So you’ve decided to sell!?

First things first, let’s get rid of some items!
Set a goal based on your timeline to sell. If you are looking to sell quickly, set a 30 day challenge where you tackle one to two rooms a week. If you have the luxury of a longer timeline (which is recommended to get the most money for your property — and to ease the stress of moving of course), set a challenge to tackle one room each month, including a plan to add in storage solutions in rooms/areas that need it.

Let’s get started – Take a walk through your home and start identifying items that you can sell, pack up for storage and what you can just plain trash! Have you found items throughout your home? Is there a room that has become the catch all center for clutter and items you just don’t have the room for?
Start with one room at a time, I recommend starting in the room that needs the most work… Once you complete this, the rest will be a breeze! Some of the key rooms that appeal most to buyers would include; the living room or Den, the kitchen or the master bedroom. Your goal is to go through the entire house – down to the mudroom, pantry, kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, etc.

Here is what you will need:

– Totes for items going to storage. Rent a storage unit, use a garage or shed (and neatly stack).
– Labels for Totes (I tend to use sticky notes or index cards and I place a piece of clear packing tape over it for easy identification of all items included.
– Trash bags or boxes for donating items (any clothing, shoes, toys, etc.)
– Trash bags for just plain TRASH!
– Totes/Bins/Packing Boxes (whatever you prefer) – for items to sell

Getting started: Spread out your supplies in one area of the room for easy sorting. Start with closets, cabinets and then shelving. Any cluttered areas that you can’t see when you enter the room. For closets, you want to consolidate as much as possible. Make a goal to eliminate at least half of your clothing, whether it be for donation, through selling or for storage (seasonal clothing can be stored). Once you rid items you no longer need, it will be easier to identify areas of concern for buyers and also create a spacious home. Keep in mind the more you rid, the better. Some items to consider while you are trying to decide what to eliminate include:

Items for removal prior to staging:

– Religious artifacts
– Seasonal Clothing (Clothing that you will not need until after selling, per season)
– Toys – consolidate as much as possible! Is there anything you can donate or store for later use?
– Stuffed animals
– Sport gear
– Unwanted or unused media: DVDs & CDs, entertainment consoles and sound enhancers, electronics, etc.
– Cheap wall art and posters
– Kitchen Cabinets! Bulk items such as coffee mugs, plates, Tupperware – Create an organized area for them or simply pack up or discard.
– Artifacts/nik-naks/Awards
– Excess books, magazines, paperwork, mail, office supplies, etc.
– Excess furniture
– Small appliances not in use
– Old liquids – Over spill containers, cleaners and their essentials, old makeup
– Digitize Memorabilia or pack for storage, downsize family photos – Sometimes it is not necessary to remove all!

After all closed off spaces have been gone through, move on to shelving and table tops and end with the bigger items. What furniture can you rid to make the space appear bigger? Can you consolidate, use any furniture for storage? Use any spare cabinets, the garage and storage sheds or store items in an offsite, rented storage unit.

This process can be hard. We are here to help in any way that we can! Decluttering is SO important. It is the bases for creating a clean canvas. It not only sets the stage for a clean, fresh and spacious home; it helps you prepare for your next location by providing an easier transition.