Does my home have to be staged to guarantee a sale?

A: Staging your home cannot guarantee your home will sell, but it certainly gives it a better chance. Properly staging your home increases the potential of the value of your home which could mean anywhere of a 1-20% increase on profit of your sale.

Why should I spend money on a home I am planning to sell?

A: Staging is not “spending” money. It is a relatively small investment in your home to provide for a greater return on your equity. Staging is a cost effective method to maximize the return on your biggest investment – your home.

So is it too late to stage if my home has been sitting on the market for months?

A: No, it’s never too late! In fact, many owners finally decide to try staging after their homes have sat on the market for many months with little interest. Of course, earlier is better, both in terms of saving months of inconvenience and expenses, and usually in preventing price reductions as well.

Can’t most people see past the stuff in my house or the way I’ve chosen to decorate it and visualize it as their own?

A: Unfortunately, no. Studies show that only 10% of buyers have the vision to see things as they could be, instead of how they are. The majority of buyers will start subtracting dollars off the price they’re willing to pay for your home when they see even cosmetic issues that they don’t like. If they see even minor maintenance/repair problems or an outdated appearance, their offer price may drop further.

Buyers today have higher expectations than they did years ago. We are all used to seeing beautiful homes on TV, or model homes in person. Thanks to HGTV in particular, more of us are aware of the latest decorating and design trends as well and are emotionally swayed – positively or negatively — by appearances.

Why can’t I just stage my house?

A: Homeowners are usually unable to stage because of the emotional attachment to their homes. They see it a certain way and their personality resonates within their home. A professional home stager can look at your home with the critical buyers eye and can give you objective guidance in order for your home to compete in the real estate market. Home staging is not a decorating exercise; but rather a marketing strategy.

How long does Home Staging take?

A: One initial visit to plan is done prior to any Vacant or Occupied home staging.

Occupied Homes: We create a customized plan per needs of the home and base our timeline by the wants/needs of the homeowner. Actual Staging process is done in 24-48 hours.

Vacant Homes: Staging occurs right before MLS Photos are taken. Vacant home staging ranges from 24-48 hours.

Is Home Staging expensive?

A: Staging prices vary depending on needs to get the home ready for the sales market. There is always a best case scenario where the budget is flexible enough to accommodate all of our suggestions, however, we know this is not always the case. New Chapter Home Staging will prioritize what needs the most attention and customize a plan based on the goals of the sale.

When is the best time to stage my home?

A: The best time to stage your home is a day or two before your realtor is scheduled to take your MLS Listing photos.

Does Staging include Cleaning?

A: YES! In our Occupied & Vacant Home Staging Services include cleaning services! More bang for your buck.

Do I have to present while you are working?

A: No, you don’t have to be present for the staging and cleaning process. However, you or your authorized agent will have to be present for my initial in-home Staging Consultation so that we can gather the necessary background information to effectively showcase your home.

When is payment due?

A: Occupied Home Staging: After your initial in-home Staging Consultation, you will be sent an estimate within 24 hours. Upon acceptance of your proposal, and a signed contract, there is a $250.00 Booking Fee. An invoice will be sent via email for fast and easy payment via Credit/Debit Card. Payment is due in full when the Staging is requested for pick up by the Homeowner or Realtor, otherwise payment is due in full by the 45th day the home has been staged. Payment plans are available with inquiry.

Vacant Home Staging: 1 percent of listing price is due upon closing of the homes sale. There is a $250.00 Booking fee for this Service.

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