Home Staging Consultation 

A walk and talk tour is set at the home, with the homeowner. During our walk through we begin to plan and solve issues for each area of the home. This service will allow for the creation of a customized plan for the homeowner to use. 

$150 – Includes a follow up customized Email Report to the Homeowner & Realtor. 

Email Report to include, but is not limited to:

  • Before photos – Including suggestions for photo on what to do to prepare to sell.
  • Identification of furnishings and belongings that should be removed for storage.
  • Furniture redesign for each room – Recommendations for removing and rearranging furniture between each room.
  • Target which areas need neutralizing & de-personalizing.
  • Suggestions and organization tips for decluttering of; bookshelves, storage cabinets, closets, laundry areas, basements.
  • Paint color recommendations.
  • Recommendations for additional accessories needed to create appeal and show the home at it’s best light.
  • Recommendations for DIY updates that are relatively inexpensive but yield significant results for appeal or suggest contractor service referrals for updates.
  • Staging Tips & Tricks!

Try our Virtual Consultation Service via FaceTime, Webex or send us your photos! — $125 Includes our Email Report!

Occupied Home Staging 

Occupied Home Staging – Ranging from Express to Full Stage 

Can include the following (customized per home):

  • Identification of furnishings and belongings that should be removed for storage.
  • Sorting, packing assistance, organization of items and accessories
  • Organization of closet & storage areas – where it is needed.
  • Furniture redesign – Recommendations for removing and rearranging furniture between each room.
  • Target which areas need neutralizing & de-personalizing.
  • Decluttering and organization of; bookshelves, storage cabinets, closets, laundry areas, basements and assistance with organization.
  • Paint color recommendations, if needed.
  • Rearranging wall art and accessories
  • Lighting ambiance 
  • Styling bookshelves, fireplace mantels, display cabinets and table tops.
  • New, additional accessories are brought in to create the appeal needed and show the home at it’s best light.
  • CLEANING Service included for as needed areas – described during estimate. 

Cost is estimated based on services. 

Vacant Home Staging 

An estimate for this Home Staging Service can be given within 24 hours from a visit to the home. – FREE 

It is often hard for buyers to visualize vacant homes as their future home and how their lifestyle will fit. They are blank canvases ready for warmth and comfort to be added. New Chapter Home Staging will enhance the empty space with furniture and accessories that will best highlight the home based on its style and charm. Also includes a cleaning service! 

Design Consultation (Includes Design Board Inspiration)

Just moved and looking to design your space a bit differently? Let us help! With our one hour tour of the home and walk and talk, we can help you decide how and where and to get started. Let’s get creative!


Hourly rate for design services after consultation if requested. 

“Final Walk Through” Cleaning Service 

After the home goes from Occupied to Vacant, often there is a mess left behind. Don’t leave that mess for your homes new buyers. Call us to clear away debris, remove unwanted items for donation or trash, sweep and vacuum, clean appliances in and out and get your home presentable for your buyers final walk through, to ensure you seal the deal. 

This service includes, but is not limited to the following (charges may apply for bulk removal):

  • Basement, garage, shed, target areas: Cobwebs, broom swept, removal of unwanted items – donate or discard. 
  • Appliances: Ovens/stove, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator – Exterior and interior. 


New Home Cleaning Service 

A fantastic way to give your new home owners a gift. Give them the gift of a fresh home! Cleaning services available for new homeowners.


Rental & Airbnb Cleaning Service

Need to freshen up your rental property in between occupants? Let us help. 


Holiday Decorating

Whether it be a holiday event put on by your business, or you just want to deck the halls! We offer partial or full holiday decor packages based on your budget.

Airbnb / Rental Refresh

Is your rental marketing to the right occupant? Let us redesign to create a more marketable property. All based on your budget.

Event Styling

Offering partial or full event styling! Our services can include; Overall visual theme for event, plants and flowers, table settings/decor, lighting and more.

  • Conferences
  • Team building meetings
  • Ceremonies
  • Seminars
  • Internal Company Meetings / Periodic Business Gatherings
  • Networking events
  • VIP Events
  • Team Building