Home Staging Consultation

A walk and talk with the homeowner! We will identify any negative messages the home may send to potential buyers. We help you solve this problem for all areas of the home. You will receive a consultation report via email within 24-48 hours after our visit!

Virtual Staging Consultation

Let’s chat virtually! Send us photos of your home and we will provide a plan for your home prior to selling. Realtors, this is an add-on to your services!

Vacant Home Staging 

It is often hard for buyers to visualize vacant homes as their future home and how their lifestyle will fit. They are blank canvases, ready for warmth and comfort to be added. New Chapter will enhance the empty space with furniture and accessories that will best highlight the home’s style and function.

Occupied Home Staging

From sorting and packing, to rearranging and organizing, we transform your home. Using existing furniture, in addition to furnishings and accessories from our inventory (all customized to the home’s style and function), we create a marketable home.

Cleaning Services

Selling your home? Did you just move to a new location? Perhaps you want to leave a freshly cleaned home for the next occupants? We’re here for you! We offer cleaning services for single and multifamily residences as well as rentals/Airbnb.